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April Fool's Goals

Like most people I have a tremendous amount of dreams, ambitions, and intentions floating around somewhere between my heart and my head. Most of these are amorphous and lacking detail...A realistic goal can be fleshed out with thought and desire and work.

I began thinking of my goals more seriously because of a post that I read on Modish Biz Tips. Jena, the editor, created a Monthly Goal Meetup for artists, crafters and others who are interested in sharing their business goals.

Writing a goal down gives it weight and presence, a little life of its own set out on a journey to become fulfilled. So, after much navel gazing, here are some of mine...
  1. Set up my studio. Make it a place that I love to be.
  2. Learn as much as possible about selling on Etsy.
  3. Create a recognizable, satisfying and consistent look in the photos that I will be using when I open my Etsy shop.
  4. Create! Create! Create! (and then a little more!)
  5. The paper aspect of my business...Business cards, tags, postcards, etc.
Something to think about...
What are the barriers to achieving your goals?

Figure out what keeps you from success and then plan for it.
Right Now!

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Lewidoo said...

Hey there, I think your goals are a lot more realistic than mine. Good luck. I've been looking into opening an Etsy shop and there's a lot more to consider than I thought!