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Mid-May Review of May's Goals


The month is getting away from me! I have to put in some serious effort if I am going to complete the checks on this list!

I have almost all the items ready to be posted in my CrowNology shop finished, washed, pressed, etc. But...The photos!!! I'm just not satisfied! I'm not getting the feel I want from them. I have a new respect for those shops, advertisers, models (a-hem) and especially those highly skilled fashion photographers, out there. It is so tedious! The Photographer and I love shooting nature. It's fun. The hiking, animals, exercise, fresh air, all make for a really enjoyable experience. But this...No, not so much.

I'm not really 100% sure about what to do. I need to focus and keep working on getting what I want. So here it goes...

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lesley said...

I totally know that feeling! i'm never 100% satisfied with the photos i get, [reason for one of my may goals, i guess!] Anyhow, I wish you the best of luck with the rest of may + thanks for checking in! i, too, feel like may is running away with me not getting to everything i'd like. gotta roll with the punches!! we'll check in soon!