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Whenever you are feeling like you don't measure up physically to what society tells you is beautiful think of Stephanie Nielson, Nie, and this post from her blog Nie Nie Dialogues. After reading about Stephanie and the painful aftermath of a plane crash that burnt 80% of her body (and 30% of her husbads), I cried. I cried for her and her pain and what she'll always be reminded of from her own skin. And I cried for me, how stupid I am sometimes to let weight and looks determine what I do, where I go and how much I enjoy myself somewhere. A few strech marks across my stomach doesn't affect my beauty or anyone else's. Beauty is not skin deep, as we are told, true beauty has nothing to with your skin at all. So look deep into yourself and feel your beauty because it resides inside.

Embrace your exterior as a means to carry where you need to be in order to experience joy, laughter, love and pleasure, not as your measure of beauty.


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Catherine@Simply Natural said...

A beautiful post Andrea. Thank you for reminding me, as this is something I struggle with.
Have a happy weekend.

Tena said...

These words really spoke to me this morning. Thank you for sharing this story and your feelings. I have let my weight keep from so much of my life. I don't want to keep doing that.