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Vintage Dressing for Larger Sizes

What did all the larger ladies wear in the past? I am getting inventory for the Vintage section of my CrowNology shop and I really want to include all shapes and sizes. However, it seems that there are no large sizes to be found (I have found some pieces with 'size 12' marked on the tag but...a 26" waist is not a size 12 today!). The large things I do find have as much style and shape as a flour sack, and not an attractive flour sack either!

Like this one by Stephanie Teague on Etsy. Her clothing line is called Pretty Bird and she creates beautiful one of a kind and limited edition clothing from old, sustainable and recycled fabrics.

I guess this is where my dressmaking skills come into play but that increases the price of those items...Which I did not want to do.

The sizing of Vintage items is another issue. We all hear that Marilyn Monroe wore a Size 12. What they fail to mention is that it was a vintage size 12. Her measurements were (according to her studio) 37-23-36 inches. This would be about a size 6 today.

So if you are buying vintage, no matter what size you are, check the measurements!

Tonight I will be turning some ho-hummer's into some wow-er's using vintage dresses and elbow grease. I'll be taking the before and after shots of the things I make to show you later.

The beautiful Marilyn shot was found on the Vancouver Sun website.

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EcoArtist said...

The reason the sizes have changed is because clothing designers have discovered that women will purchase clothing if they think they look like a smaller size it in. Oh, look I fit into a size 4! It makes them feel good; then they like the outfit better; then they buy. Crazy... I can't believe women fall for this. You won't find a lot of large vintage clothing because we get bigger by the decade. Maybe you have discovered a great idea for a niche clothing line...