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Positive Thinkers

On Saturday I went to a Positive Thinkers (buffet breakfast) meeting. It's an organization that has been around in St. John's, Newfoundland for 20 years and is growing stronger and more interesting with age. They have a guest speaker at each monthly meeting and this month it was Gary Summers. I have seen Gary perform as a hypnotist and magician in the past so I was curious to see what direction he would take us in. I am extremely happy I choose to reaquaint myself with Positive Thinkers on Saturday because Gary gave 'me' some insight and knowledge that I believe will help me continue on the path I've already started down.

Some of my favourite points and ideas I plan to incorporate into my life from the meeting were:
  • Create a vision board of what you want your life to look like. I have done this in the past but I think I am more open now, due to personal growth, to the benefits of these. I am going to make several , covering different areas of my life, over the next few days and will photograph and share them with you. Now I wish I didn't send all those magazines to charity...
  • The value of goal setting. The action of putting goals down on paper helps to reinforce your commitment and gives you tangible evidence of exactly it is that you want to achieve.
  • I.Q. vs E.Q. I truly believe that this concept will be more widely regarded as we progress. I feel that most people who have all the answers rarely know the real question. Give me an intuitive, creative fool over a aloof, narrow genius any day.
  • Letting go of Ego and with it the need to be right. Note to self...Work on this! Oh how many problems we could all avoid, or fix, with this one teaching.
  • Ask yourself the question "What do I want?"...I did exactly this about 3 days ago. (I love synchronicity!). I wrote the question at the top of a sheet of computer paper...the answer was "Feel better about myself." Then..."How do I do this?"...Then I brain stormed and wrote down everything I could think of. From "Eat well" to "Limit media exposure" to "Find somewhere to volunteer". Try it, you'll be surprised at the answers you get from yourself.
  • Make these 6 promises to yourself:1. Choose your words carefully. 2. Never make assumptions. 3. Always do your best. 4. Discover your passion. 5. It's not about you (don't take things personally). 6. Never underestimate your ability to change yourself...Never overestimate your ability to change others. These sound like a recipe for a good life to me.
Gary also mentioned the following books, people, concepts, etc. that I thought I could gain more knowledge about...(I've included links to some related web sites.)

Zig Ziglar
The Power of Now

I hope you had a great weekend!


ghenessa said...

The Vision Board is a picture of your True Self in the future. It is a statement of who you are, and who you are becoming. It is the framework for the process of creating your life

Nancy Martini said...

Great post! I need to do a vision board again. They really help! I make mine more into a box that opens up so I can add 3-D items to it as well. Thanks for sharing.

CrowNology said...

Thanks for your comment ghenessa.
I hope that my vision board will bring me closer to my ideal self.
** The link ghenessa has provided is for the company Vision Board Max (.com). It is marketing so if you click they will attempt to sell you something! The Youtube video may have valid points about what a vision board can bring into your life but as I said they are there to sell. Clicker Be Aware!**