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Real Mail!

Look at what I received in my real mailbox!

Parusha of Lewidoo fancies had a post that invited her readers to recieve a real handmade card from her in London. I promised I'd send her back one of the vintage postcards I showed on one of my first posts.

Like Parusha I'd like to offer you the same except I will send you a vintage postcard instead of a handmade card. If you'd like one, send me your address, through email.
There is no expiry so if you happen upon this post a year from now I'll still send you one. I just counted my stocks...35. My 'supplier' re-opens in September, but the first 35 are guaranteed!

Parusha, I'll be dropping your card in the mail tomorrow! Thanks so much. I love all things about this idea!

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Parusha said...

I'm so glad the card arrived! And thanks so much for posting about it. How wonderful to see it here on your blog!

Yipee! I'm looking forward to the vintage postcard! Can't wait!