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I have insomnia.

I have been looking at those blogs that are "popular".

WOW. Really wow.

I am astounded by the popularity and righteousness of "consumption" that I find on these blogs. These blogs seem to be giving buying religion status.

I am no Ascetic by any stretch of the imagination but these women (as they seem to all be female blogger's) seem to favour purchases, possessions and those of others over anything else they may have to say.

I would be interested in knowing whether these ladies have ever had more to deal with than whether or not to buy the $600 shoes at Barneys (because they are on sale!!!) or to wonder if ripped-boyfriend jeans are appropriate at 35?

I blame these types of people for all the Earth's problems! Well, most.

It's the single working mothers with great taste and fabulous spaces that I feel deserve to be blogged about.

The so-called over weight women who always look fabulous in spite of the clothing industries insistence on creating ill fitting and downright ugly clothing.

The woman who has changed her life for the betterment of herself and her family, even though it may have meant not buying any shoes for a very long time!

I am thinking about this blogging venture. Shouldn't we, as blogger's, be doing more to spread happy, ecological, humane, real, inspirational stories? Shouldn't this be a way to create connections between individuals and not as a tool using unrealistic, envy inducing images and thoughts?

I know there are plenty of blogs telling just those types of stories. It just saddens me that they are usually obscure with a small following. I encourage anyone who reads this to go and find a worthy obscure blog and follow it. Leave a nice comment. I also challenge you to remove some of those blogs from your reading list that cause you to feel a little less, a little envious or not quite up to measure.


spilling beauty said...

yes oh yes!
and yes again.
i whole-heartedly agree with you.

Tena said...

Excellent post! Very moving and inspiring. I've seen a few of those blogs you're talking about. Too superficial to be real.

Amy said...

I've just come across your lovely blog, and want to say how much I agree with the thoughts you express with this post. I was thinking the other day how so many "design" blogs seem to be little more than long shopping wish-lists.

I will be back to read your blog some more.

CrowNology said...

Thank you everyone.
I felt a little self conscious posting this rant but it seems to resonate...

marta said...

Great post!