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Before House (Metaphor of the Before Me)

Right after posting the "Hi Smile-ly" post last week my mood took a nose dive! So that's the last time I write about being happy! Just kidding.

I feel pretty good about myself lately. I feel "ME". I feel things are coming together the way they "should" be...But...The pace is the killer! I have been living in RENOvation HELL for years (yep, years) now and I have finally had my limit! I have no sinks in my house. It's been like this for a year. Maybe more...How? I use the bathtub faucet for all my water needs and wash dishes the old fashioned way in a dishpan.It's like a permanent camping trip at my house! Here are some photos taken about a month ago...

Here is a little taste of my everyday abode. Though there has been work (and clean-up) done since these were taken. This is what happens when everyone (aka dad, Andrew and my brother, Juan) works a lot and you can't get out of bed...So now that I am feeling better I am pushing to get this finished! My focus all summer was on the outside of the house, because I wanted to enjoy the summer weather. Now moving into fall I am bringing the focus inside. This house, as above, was a metaphor for who I was...My "home to be" is going to reflect who I am today and the person I plan on being in the future.

Calm. Serene. Confident. Colourful. Bright. Creative. Comfortable.

All of these words for my home and for me.

I plan to have a house warming party in September. If all goes well I will.
Wish me loads of luck and a crew of carpenters please! ;)
With the finished house will come the after shots...

Do your surroundings reflect who you were yesterday, who you are today or who you wish to be in the future? Is it, and you, what you want it to be?

*note: posting these photos was harder than posting my before photos on Echo of Me...

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