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B. S. T. #13

Beautiful Simple Things #13

The Affection of Animals...
Being an animals chosen human.
My cat prefers me to all others.
She is comfort, entertainment, companionship.
A welcome addition to my chosen family.
Do you have an animal in yours?


*fitcetera* said...

I do and her name is Molly. She's purring beside me right now. :)
I love the angle of the picture.

Michaela Dawn said...

Aren't they just the neatest most exquisite things, their personalities are so captivating, and although dogs are just as wonderful in some ways, many ways infact... I secretly enjoy the contemplation that Lux our cat usually pulls me into... I often think, what is she thinking:)

Torilpia said...

Our family has a cat as well - she is called Princess. And she really is - a princess :o) But that's when she is inside. Outsiden - she is a real warrior and hunter. There is almost no birds or mice around her anymore .. The birds I miss - the mice .. not so much .. :o)

I see that I have to come back and read your last post tomorrow (it's bedtime here in Norway) - I really have to comment on that one.

Tammy said...

Was missing you on your other blog so I popped over. I hope you have a great weekend on your little trip! Let me know when you're back! Miss talking with you. :) And I have a baby puppy dog named Scarlette. She's my world. :)