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Portrait Poem

I saw this awhile ago on Katie's Blog and thought it would be fun and interesting to do...So I did and now you can too. If you want you can post it anonymously (or not) in the comments to share...

Portrait Poem
Line 1: Write your first name
Line 2: Write four words about you
Line 3: Write Brother or Sister of and then list brother or sister’s name
Line 4: Write lover of and then three things you love
Line 5: Write who feels and then three things and how you feel about them
Line 6: Write who needs and then three things you need
Line 7: Write who gives and then three things you give others
Line 8: Write who fears and then three things that scare you
Line 9: Write who would like to see and three things that you want to see
Line 10: Write where you live; city and state
Line 11: Write your last name

Creative, Skeptical, Curious, Intelligent
Sister of Juan
Lover of Animals, Creativity and a Chosen Few
Who feels Afraid but Hopeful, Love, filled to overflow and Frustration at the current world and personal status
Who needs Truth, Discipline and cash (in that order)
Who gives Love, Smiles and Encouragement
Who fears Status Quo, Need and the death's of my loved ones
Who would like to see the end of abuses (oh so many), the World and a Cure for Sadness
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

An interesting concept..."The Cure for Sadness"
Is there such a thing? What is your personal antidote to the blues? Or bigger, depression?
I think of the things I am grateful for, I play with my cat, I read, I remember that it always passes (though much, much too slowly) and I write. And currently I take photos.
Things that I know I should do are exercise, meditate, talk to empathetic people and get better sleep.

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tena said...

I missed this post! I love it. I'm going to work on my poem today. It might be hard to do, because I don't really think about myself much. It makes me see the parts where I let myself down and then I, too, will need a cure for sadness :)

I love how you make me think about the positive things in my life. The good things that I ought to share. You are a lovely person, Andrea.