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"Crow" ~Etsy Search #1~

Something I'm going to do every week is enter a word into Etsy search and see what comes up that I like, or love...
My first word is "Crow" for the obvious and the proximity to Halloween.
I love these black beasts.
I love crow art.
I love these Etsy Finds...

Both above and below are ink drawings by Ingrid Art Studio.
They are original drawings on reclaimed barn wood.
Oh I really need these!

Here we have a contemplative looking Driftwood Crow.
I think he is pondering sadly the state of our oceans...
This erudite fellow is from Woodswise. The driftwood Heron looks a little more hopeful...

As a "Crow" myself I am attracted shiny things and this fits the bill perfectly.
A secretive shiny space. Perhaps a folded bit of inspiration hides in here.
Or a faded old picture of a love.
By Secret Jewellz a black crow on a vintage brass locket, combined with a black crystal.

And now a photo...
Oh a Crow in Snow!
Two of my favourite things.
This capture is the work of self taught photographer Alicia Bock.
She has fabulous 2010 calenders available in her shop too.

A sweet print from the shop of The Little Fox.
The colours she uses are sublime.
These go perfect with my new livingroom paint.

Perfect for my own shop!
A customizable crow stamp at JL Mould Custom Clear Stamps.
Maybe there is one perfect for you there too.



Tammy said...

Just caught up on your last 3 posts...did you take a pic of those clouds?? Those are AWESOME!! Sorry about the's been raining in Georgia for at least 2 months now, more oft than not. So irritating!! I hope you get to see snow very soon. :) I love it, too.

I've been meaning to ask you this whole time the meaning behind "Crownology". Does it stand for something specific, or do you just like this type of bird? I'm me and tell me!! :)

*fitcetera* said...

Love this post and pics.