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For Colour Lovers

An interesting site for colour combos and inspiration...
Colour Lovers
I like the Trends section with the magazine covers and the colours used on them.
I was looking for a way to show you the paint colours I bought for the entire top floor. I couldn't find a good representation. Maybe I'll scan the chips?
I think the theme could be "Nautical" or "Beach House" or something along those lines. Entirely unplanned but no surprise.
Have a lovely day.


Michaela Dawn said...

Oh, this is cool, what color combos do you favor?

I'm liking golden yellow and milk chocolate brown with the lightest touches of pink...

CrowNology said...

Hi Michaela Dawn,
I love so many. Especially the ones with teals and sky blues...I'm not into the harsh tones or anything with bright red.
Soft and "girly"...
Glad you like it too. Maybe it can inspire a piece for you.