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Nag one, Nag one...

There has been a wee, inaudible voice added to the bigger and audible ones.

Do you knit? I should learn to knit. Did you knit these? I should learn to knit. Knitting is so easy. I should learn to knit. You can do other things, you can knit too. I should learn to knit. Everyone in your family can knit. I should learn to knit.

If I learn to knit...
I can make those fabulous over the knee socks, that cost a fortune and that I've wanted for years now, for myself.
I could use the needles and wool that I always buy at thrift stores. I could make that promised (from last Christmas) scarf. I could find the peace and flow that so many knitters allege. I could supply my knitted hat obsession. I could be one of those cafe goers, that I stare at longingly, who knit as they chat and sip tea (knitting seems to go hand in hand with tea drinking...) never stopping the flow of knitted fabric that flows from their finger tips. I could use that knitting book I bought two years ago...

I am going to attempt this garter stitch scarf.
It is rated as 1 on a difficulty scale of 1-4.

Okay, I hear you universe.
I shall learn to knit. Again. I kind of know how but get so frustrated that I throw it aside after minutes. So here I go. Into the known world of knitting and being desperately annoyed. I will try this again. I will not give in without a fight this time.
Wish me patience.
May the knitting gods be kind. ;)

I looked up who/how and when knitting was invented. There are different answers everywhere. It seems to be anywhere from 3000 years old to 1500 years old and originated around where Turkey is today. There was no one person credited with the process...So if they learned from nothing, surely I can learn with all the resources at my finger tips!

I know here in Newfoundland a lot of men were knitters. I think it may have had to do with mending their fishing nets...Andrew's grandfather can whip up a neat pair of gloves in no time. So cool.



tena said...

Oh, yay! I want you to learn to knit! None of my friends knit. It's sad! I taught my son's girlfriend to knit and she loves it. I taught myself how to knit from a kids book by Melanie Falick. Somehow I became a Continental style knitter, which means I throw the yarn with my left hand, and that works just fine for me. I'm not left handed, either.

Be patient with yourself and don't be afraid to knit they way that works for you! I'm here for you if you have questions.

Start simple. Learn one stitch and take it from there.


Nancy*McKay said...

...AH...that SAME you knit/you should knit...was visiting...mEEE this weekend...AH!

HAHA: word verification...kerse...