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Radio Star...a Sad Goat

Did I ever tell you about the time a radio saved my life?

Well nothing so grand as jumping in front of a moving train or pulling me from the jaws of a lovely lion...No it was subtle and graceful and powerful.

I was going through a really tough time. Depression. Anxiety. Trying medications haphazardly. I only left my apartment to walk across the street to an amazing stone hearth bakery. (They made a chocolate, chocolate chip and cranberry bread...Which may deserve an honorable mention as well!) I was creating a lot of art but it was dark and painful and not how I wanted to exist, surrounded by beaten women with tears pooled in their eyes.

I was literally afraid of people but longed for contact.
(radio enters: right)

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
The CBCif i were ever to get a tattoo this would be it

I began to listen with a passion. I had the contact with people I craved without the anxiety of being face to face.
At the time there was a program called "Sad Goat", called so because the host Bill Richardson found that the phone number spelled just that...1 888 SAD GOAT.

It was appropriate, I was a depressed Capricorn.
"The show mixed music with calls and letters from listeners, which were often comic in nature, and feature interviews."
Another program I loved was Between the Covers which read contemporary novels in 15 minute pieces. I found many great novels through this program.
I listened to every program from the time I woke until I went to bed and it made me feel connected again. After a while I felt better, due to a lot of things (food, water, air, novels, parents, biology, radio) but I'll never forget when the radio was my only solace.
A great friend.
I still listen but sadly Sad Goat is gone.
Replaced by a somewhat Content Capricorn ;)...


*fitcetera* said...

Oh I used to love Morningside with Peter Gzowski and the Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean ... he'll be here this Saturday and I may go depending if there's a seat left.
I remember Sad Goat and like listening to that as well. Bill Richardson always sounded kind of melancholy :)
I love CBC radio.
I can completely see how it helped you.

tena said...

What a feel good story! It's good to hear that you are content. I'm a Cappy, too, ya know. Jan 15 :)

When we had Hurrican Ike last year, the power was out for 3 weeks. I listened to the radio all the time and discovered a whole new world. It kept the boredom away. You might say it (the radio) got me through the storm.

I've been thinking I should get a tattoo :D

Antoine said...

Pretty much the same story for me.
A few months ago, I undertook the project of completely remodeling my condo. Now I'm deep in it, living in constant filth and debris with no end in sight.

When I come back from work to work on renovations, I just listen to CBC form 1800 to midnight.

Who knew radio could be so interesting?

kate i said...

And I'm another CBC salvation story! When I was a young mother I lived in northern BC near Alaska and the only thing I had to listen to was CBC and Peter saved my sanity. Later, it was Bill Richardson/Sad Goat and Stuart McLean. I still like lying in bed at night and listening to CBC before I go to sleep. It gave that "connected to the world" feeling that the internet can provide... before the internet existed.

btw, Bill Richardson is currently working on a musical based on Craigslist ads. It's called "do you want what I have got? a Craigslist Cantata"