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To the Daughter I may never have...

You can always come home.
Please do not endure pain or discomfort because you "know" that I'll be upset or crabby or sarcastic or say
Do not settle for less than you deserve because you feel trapped.
If you have ten kids, or dogs, or gerbils, or all the above, bring them too.
You are always welcome where I am.



tena said...

What a sweet, sweet picture. And a sweet thing to tell your daughter, that you may have...


Tammy said...

You have no idea how deeply this post affects me girl....when I got pregnant at 18, my mother didn't speak to me for 7 months...not one word...and we lived in the same house. Thank you for this. This is how it should be. Thank you. I love this about you. You have an amazing, forgiving heart for the daughter I hope you have one day.

Anonymous said...

My Darest Andrea,
May I present these/your words to you?
You are the rose of my heart..daughters never leave, you will always have a place.
I love you