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I look into your eyes, I see that you are wise.
I look into your heart, I fear that we shall remain apart.

I saw this little Owl calmly awaiting an owner.
Sometimes it actually pulls my heart to see the expressions of stuffed animals.
I think I may be filled with down too.
I am too soft.


Tammy said...

Good Lord that owl is adorable!!!!!! Tugs at the ol' heart strings, doesn't it??

I've got an award for you on my post tonight...come and get it!! You deserve it!! Love this beautiful blog! :)

*fitcetera* said...

omg ... i feel the same way about some stuffed animals!
the world needs softness Andrea. there is way too much harshness about.

tena said...

Some of my best friends are stuffed with fluff :)

Secret Jewellz said...

Yea, i see it also sometimes. He really needs a home. Love your blog btw.