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Me Myself Model

What is your opinion on Self-Portraits? I am ambivalent. On one hand I have no problem with them and love looking at the way people shoot themselves...On the other hand I feel very narcissistic taking my own photo.
Here are some I took a couple of nights ago. I wanted to see if the automatic focus could be used to focus in on the "products" I was wearing. So that way, when no one was around to help, I could model and take product shots at the same time for my Etsy Shoppe!

The focusing was way off...In the first shot I was trying to focus mainly on the ring, using a crop from my nose down as the "signature" shot for the vintage rings I have to sell. The next would be for earrings. The last for hats and hair accessories. I personally like the use of models in product shots. It gives a fairly accurate scale of the products and the shot is more interesting. Unfortunately it seems I won't be able to do this alone. :(
The clothing is a whole other bag of worms, as I am too big for most of the lovely vintage items I have. (If I wasn't I wouldn't give any of it up!)
I need more friends! :) Who have nothing better to do than come over and play dress-up/model for me. I should have known my childhood Barbie obsession would pop up somewhere in adulthood! ;)
Take a self-portrait and let me know how it makes you feel?


dyanna said...

Your blog is really interesting.I'm waiting for your new post.
Have a nice day.

Sarah Deragon said...

I struggle with the same thing. I had to teach myself to model/shoot, so that I didn't have to depend on a photographer. You did a great job.


Andy Tan said...

nice pics Andrea! You're excellent at taking your own shots. And those photos make me wanna buy! Love the vintage hat!

Torilpia said...

Those pictures are very good - if you ask me .. I've never liked to be taken pictures of - but must admit that I've taken a few of myself anyway. Not exactly nice .. :o) But in a way - ok .. :o)

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful at the end of any lens..

CrowNology said...

To Anon,
Is that you mom?

Tia said...

I want to say that I love these. You have such beautiful facial features. The lips and the little cleft in your chin make your face so unique. Who needs focus. Just take a separate picture of the product alone so they can see it too. hehe

Vintage? Ugh I so wish I could wear vintage. I see artists like Elle Moss and others doing these selfies and I think there is no way I can do this. I am way too critical of myself. All the ones I do are photoshopped to death. LOL

CrowNology said...

I am the same...Elle Moss, how does she do this? Where do these people get the "ego" to constantly take these shots? And, do they really love themselves as much as it appears? I have a hard time understanding it myself...
I would like to take more self portraits though because I have some ideas that I'd like to try...My current camera isn't easy to work with. So in the New Year with my new Canon (?Which?) I'll be doing some.
Thanks for the compliments!