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Today is the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I was too young to actually remember much about this time but I remember my Mother and Uncle, both humanitarians and history buffs, becoming quite excited by the events taking place in Germany. I believe a bottle of red wine marked the day.
Here are some interesting articles about today...
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Today's anniversary has got me thinking about other walls that need to come down. Psychological, physical and cultural.

The walls I have built around myself to keep out pain are also the walls that hold it in. These psychological walls we build and maintain may be harder to pull down than the Berlin Wall and even harder to keep open...What is it costing you to stay inside? While they may be comfortable they are still walls.

The society in which we live has cleverly led us to believe we are free but everyday there is another wall placed, labyrinth style, to lead one in a certain direction. The ideas of beauty. The ideas of success. The ideas of what it is to be a woman or a man...

The walls created by poverty and ignorance. By archaic traditions and morality. Walls of segregation and censorship. Walls created by those who are destroying the very Earth we tread upon.

This post could go on into eternity but I will end with this...

The only good wall is one you can lean on. One that holds up your roof and protects you from the winds. One with a wide, clear passageway.

Don't hem yourself in.
Celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall and hopefully, soon, the fall of those other walls which block us from not only a better world but a near perfect one.

Break out your sledgehammer!!

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