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Using Film

Here are some of the photos I've recently taken with a film camera.
It is a lot harder to get the shot and, obviously, you do not know you didn't get what you wanted until the actual photos are developed and in your hand.
I really enjoyed it though.
The anticipation was fun.
Just using an old film camera and not constantly checking and re-taking to get the perfect shot.
I found the process was more relaxing and focused at the same time.


Berries and Bokeh


Fun Guy

I love the colours of Flare

Trees and Bokeh

Hope you like these.


*fitcetera* said...

like them? LOVE them!

Arthur W. Hobbs said...

beautiful pics, how are you stranger? Ms. Brazil pointed me your direction! Hows life been, hows the family doin, good i hope.

Michaela Dawn said...

Once again, stunning!

tena said...

How I do love film. And these are stunning.
You're eye is trained for beauty. :)

Andy Tan said...

Oh my, i love these shots!They're beautiful! And with a film camera no less. Great work Andrea! Oh, and we share the name ;)

Abigail Jasmine said...

Thank you for the sweet comment.. :)

I feel so inspired by looking at your space here..
Your photos are gentle & so beautiful here on this post..

I'm excited to keep reading & indulging in your inspiring art!

Tia said...

These are beautiful!

Do you ever catch yourself looking at the back of your film camera for a "preview"? I was shooting film recently and caught myself doing this. Habit of the digital age. LOL