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Winter's Light

Winter has always been my favourite season.
Without question or consideration of the obvious downsides.
The summer behind us has been an anomaly in my life. The photography bug has bitten and left me with an unusual symptom.
A desire for long days of light.
Nature is pulling the blinds
just as I am going to *capture*
some of the
tremendous beauty of this season.
She is telling me to pack it in just as I am getting deep into the process.

And like a petulant child I hang on and pout and find the excuses to stay a little longer...with varied results of course.

This is where the "gear" of photography is key. A good tripod. Fast lenses. A good camera.
All will help you squeeze the last vestiges of light out of a day.

If you too are feeling the cramp of low light photography here are some links I've perused about the topic...

more tips
and more tips
and even more tips

Soon we have the harsh winter whites to learn to deal with...
Sometimes I feel my brain getting boggled with all that there is to learn.
The best part is being out in the field, faced with a problem and the things you need to know just come...
That. Makes. Me. Feel. Awesome. And pretty darn smart too. ;)
If you are learning to photograph, as I am, I hope something in the articles help you. If not I hope that I can soon share some of the results of this learning...
Have a beautiful evening...

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Torilpia said...

I really would like to learn more about photography - but I guess my head isn't up to it these days. I take a lot of pictures - but far from as wonderful as yours. When I feel it's the right time to learn more - I will seek out your tips :o)

Thank's for the help with the YouTube gadget .. :o)

Have a wonderful day - will be back to admire your pictures .. :o)