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Good Monday Morning!

Photo by Andrew Ryan

These little beauties are everywhere in my backyard.
I leave birdseed and water for them every morning and now they are a feature.
It makes me feel giddy to see them waiting in the trees.
A wonderful gift.


Michaela Dawn:Windy Woman said...


What a darned beautiful photo!!!!
I'm ready to buy right now girl:)


Liza-Jane said...

Hi Andrea,
I have finally had time to navigate my way around your blog and give it the time it deserves. Looking fwd to reading checking it out more often. Seems like we have some common interests. I'm just getting into blogging myself, but would like to become a regular part of my life. Will work on that in the new year. Keep writing! Beautiful photo by the way. That would be a treat...I'm sure they appreciate the water and food. Birds are interesting creatures. I feed the same three crows that continue to come back to a tree just outside my window. They are so interesting to watch. I know they are the same three because of the way they interact with each other. Take care Liza x