This Blog is no longer active...
it's coming...
it will be here first in North America!
i am a time traveler for a moment.
i am hurtled alone, air rushing noisily past my ears, into the next decade...
a New Year.
i wasn't finished with the old one...

And what of the past year?
where will she be stored?
in the freezer.
files of history, with faded ink and faded dreams.

Oh regret of lost time is a reckless pursuit.
it marches onward into the horizon and waits for no person.
like carrying water across an endless desert in your small hands.
we all die of thirst, some leaving a mark, others not.

i wish for you a fountain.
a good book.
a leather bound journal and a heavy, beautiful pen.
a camera.
an abundance of love, food and peace.
something to trust in.
hope for.
all the best that a new year, a new decade, can offer...



Nancy*McKay said...

...i love YOUr spirit Andrea...i am happy we found each other in 2009...i am excited to share 2010 with you...too...bIG hug...

kerin rose said...

ditto! :)