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Photographer's Sight

I've been struck with "Photographer's Eye"...
I think I made up the term but we think of the same thing so often probably not.

I was driving today to get somethings for the on-going (un?=as in never ending) renovation of my home. I couldn't concentrate on the road.
It was as if my eyes were drunk on the possibilities before me.
There was a light layer of ice covering all the dead grasses and weeds on the sides of the road...Oh Wow. So beautiful. Why did I leave my camera behind?

I think a photography class
should be a requirement in
all educational programs
it makes you see the world
rather than just look at it.
~Author Unknown


Torilpia said...

You have a point there .. nice words!!
Must remember the camera at all times .. :o)

All the best!

kerin rose said...

as a new convert to 'camera love' I could not agree with you more, Andrea!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I love this post, and it rings so true. I live in Wyoming and things are so far apart here (compared to the East Coast). A drive to a city to do some shopping or see a movie is an hour through the endless rolling plains. But when I am looking for a shot, just the act of actively looking makes the time pass so quickly. I throw my camera in the truck every time I leave my little town, and though I don't stop very often, when I am really moved to, I'm (usually) prepared.