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Hectic days are done
Making Christmas memories
Time for a wee nap

Drooke Faking Sleep

I hope your Christmas Day was as full and wonderful as mine.
Happy Boxing Day!

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Torilpia said...

How cute :o)

When it comes to homemade/handmade gifts .. I guess that I'm not that good in making them .. so I usually buy most presents. But I try to give gifts I know will be appreciated - and for my children I combine Christmas and birthday gifts .. because their birthdays are so close to Christmas. In that way I can buy stuff they are in need of without ruining myself.
But the last years I've started to make Christmas tags and cards myself - and decorate match-boxes and candles as small gifts to some of my relatives and friends.

Hope you are still enjoying your holidays and as we say here; God Jul :o) Merry Christmas!

Hugs :o)