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Snowed Under!

Maple Tree in Winter

Snow much to do... ;)

Taking a little break to prepare for Christmas. I have many things to make! I've been neglecting those who have left comments and have been absent from my usual visits to those blogs I love.

Not gone for long, just a few days and until then...
Much love...


Michaela Dawn said...

The chroma of this image is so deeply warm, yet we all know snow is as cold as ice... and the golden glow of it is so enticing!

Nice shot lady!

Torilpia said...

Amazing picture :o)

Understand the need for time to prepare for Christmas :o)

About the picture in my blog; Yes it's my picture .. I'm quite satisfied about that one :o)
That's not so often ..

Enjoy these pre-Christmas-days .. Do you call it advent in english as well??


CrowNology said...

Hi Michaela Dawn, Thank you. It was so cold and so wonderful and so beautiful that night...The sky was actually a lavender colour...:)
Hi Torilpia, The photo is definitely one to be proud of! It is beautiful. Yes, it is Advent in English too. :)

Nancy*McKay said... take the bite out of looking sooo toasty & warm... just BEAUTIFUL...