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Wonders Never Ever Cease

These were sparking from the middle of a field as I drove by.
I was rapt...

People on the road today were none to kind about my scoping out the scenery.
Silly Humans!
Stop and smell the snow for "God's" sake.
I mean really for His sake.

Christmas is about so much,
but I'm pretty sure driving someone off the road to get to Wal-Mart isn't what was intended.

I had a ~*wonderful*~ morning out in the snow.
These are a sampling...But I am really anxious to get the film developed!
I made a neat filter that looked amazing through the viewfinder!

So if you are hurrying and being a nasty driver on this last weekend of shopping before the Big Day...
a donkey's pace will do.


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Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Gorgeous. And good for you for not letting other folks' rudeness dictate your mood. Your upbeat attitude is sure to catch on...