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Antique Shop...

My Dad

The old church that has been converted into an Antique shop and living space.
There are wonderful things in here!

My purchase...

A sweet old pin cushion...The base has a measuring tape rolled inside.
I love it!


shellbell said...

love love love your photos of the antiques! and love love love that you're from St. John's! eeeeeee! that's my boyfriend's hometown... i was just there over christmas and fell in love and want to move there asap! your blog is lovely, looking forward to more of your posts!

Good Girls Studio said...

I wan to live there!!! You scored with your adorable little pin cushion :) It's like a mini globe for your pins!

Torilpia said...

Imagine living in an old church .. I definitely can't live such a place :o)

How ever - it's perfect for an antique shop.

Very cute pin cushion you got there :o)

I liked the dolls house as well ..

Have a great weekend - lots of love and hugs!!!