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It's the last day of January 2010! Do you know where your resolutions are?...

hee hee buy now!!! hee hee

Are your "resolutions", "aspirations" and "intentions" holding up now that the first of blush of the New Year has faded?

I feel the winds (inspiration and invigoration) dying down a little, my sails have been sagging. But lets not even talk about sagging! :)

So how do we keep moving moving in the right direction? How do we stay true to ourselves and to our dreams?

I went to a seminar once where the speaker was talking about goals and plans. He spoke of the amount of planning we put into a trip or dinner party. One time events which require a lot of thought and planing. Ideas about how we wish to spend our vacation and how to achieve it. Some of us plan our educations and careers fully. However many of us go through life without a plan. We have some vague idea of the type of life we want and expect it to develop based on those unclear notions. Imagine if you were given unclear directions to your hotel in a new city. How would you feel? You may end up getting there but the trip would be full of anxiety and possibly much harder and longer than needed. With clear instructions and a map the trip may still be difficult but you would feel better about it from the start. Of course if you are the type to prefer the hard way, to build character, this "exciting" way may be the best way for you...Personally I've had enough of learning the hard way. I want a clear route to my authentic life.

Now that you are a full month into this year I challenge you to spend February getting clear.

"Clarity affords Focus"
-Thomas Leonard

Before the work that goes into a life plan figure out exactly what you want your future to look, feel, sound, taste, smell like. Every time something comes into your mind take note of it...

Off the top of my head...

Look... Colourful, organized, clean, comfortable. A house with a huge light filled studio and a wood stove. Lots of open land. Near the ocean. Good quality natural fabrics for home and body. Little technology. Full of healthy friends and family.
Feel... Smooth, clean, soft, textures. Lots of wool, wood, and stone. Beach rocks. Soft furniture. Solid underfoot. Light on my body. Warm water. Cool air.
Sound... Quiet. Intelligent conversation. AM radio. Good music. Purring. Neighing. Lots of laughter. Whistling kettle. Bubbling soup. Crackling fire. Someone else hand washing the dishes ;) .
Taste... Fresh. Light. Smooth. Delicious. Almost Vegan...
Smell... Outdoors. Cool ocean air. Baking bread. Coffee brewing. Aftershave. Fresh sweat. Dried on the line outdoors. Lavender. Peppermint. Eucalyptus. Wood burning. Wild roses.

So apparently I need to move to an ocean side rustic farm with horses, cats, aftershave and no deodorant! :) Actually I think this is a telling experiment. I'd be very interested in hearing about how your future plays on your senses...



shellbell said...

wow... your life desires as described by your senses sound just wonderful, absolute paradise!

planning is not my strong point. i don't even know where to begin... but i need to get better.

it's going to be a busy february!

kerin rose said...

oh, Andrea, I love this...can we all play? it would be so interesting!

CrowNology said...

Kerin Rose,
I would LOVE for everyone to play. Shellbell has one done and it's lovely!
Can't wait to see yours too!

Tammy said...

Oh wow....that was excellent....but it would take me a LOT of thought to figure out what mine would be. I feel like I've been floundering around for 37 years!! Truly, I still don't know what I want.

Ida Nielsen said...

I really liked reading your life desires, so inspiring. Now I'm off to think about own :-)

Andy said...

So specific desires. Hope you reach all of them! My resolutions? so far I have half-check exercise more. haha.