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destruction of space of nothing

In Dreams

In my dreams the space between each house
would take a warm hat and good constitution
a desire to see the face of your neighbour I
would not hear you call to your children and
dog the sounds of snow and ice and fire crackling
would be my music but your warm voice would
be welcome at the end of daylight and a long

The above is taken in a huge beautiful field slated for houses...


P.K said...

The field has more value than anything that will be built. Empty fields are full of life and beauty, and they should be left unbuilt.

MrsLittleJeans said...

Oh no, I object! Overpopulation is a big problem as is poor city planning!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Sad, but at least you have done your part and captured that beauty, while it lasts.

Tammy said...

Yeah, progress sucks sometimes. :(

tena said...

I love the picture and your words. We can only hope the builders will be wise.