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In Sickness and Health...

The Sun is Setting on Another Phase

What does getting sick mean to you?
I haven't been sick, to the point of being incapable of doing anything, in years...
I was bored with it by the second day. More than exhausted. 27 trips up and down the stairs to the bathroom from midnight to dawn...Made me think of getting a chamber pot!
The point is...

I am so, so grateful for my health.

And so I wonder...
Why did I get sick and how can I prevent it?

My immune system seems to be non-existent. I am sick-ish or headache-y most of the time. A sign of not living properly if there ever was one. The foods I eat are mainly healthy, I've cut out chicken this year and do not miss it. So I eat fish/seafood, dairy, grains, veg, fruit and chocolate. Hmmm. I think I may need to cut down on the chocolate a wee bit! ;) I probably do not drink enough water. I drink coffee, various teas and an occasional glass of red wine. Eating the right stuff is not hard but eating the right amount can be.

I am pretty sure my main health problems come from the stress of living in a chaotic mess and not being more creatively active.
The mental seriously affecting the physical.

I have let some of my promises to myself slide.

If I can't trust me, to do the best for me, then what do I really have in this world? Who can I trust to lead me where I need to go?

I have to take better care of myself.
How do you keep yourself healthy? Any suggestions on how I can improve my immunity and increase stress resistance? I am open...

A New Beginning

I am pondering the roll of positive thinking and "bio-feedback"...When I am getting a migraine I can sometimes curb it with my mind and very concentrated focus on the pain. It didn't work at all for the illness I experienced last week. I am thinking of what roll these have in the maintenance of good health instead of the treatment of illness...Any thoughts?



MrsLittleJeans said...

I will search a bit but off the cuff:
1. find what stresses you and try to reduce
2. new finding shows that breathing pure oxygen helps with migraine and if you live in clean environment, breathe, breathe, breathe away
3. Simple Yoga, don't hurt yourself
4. Water, water, water...
5. Laugh, laugh
6. Vitamin D is important for your immune system especially if you don't get enough sun. You would need a 400 IUD supplement, very important.
7. I highly recommend the book, a Pace of Grace, author Linda Kavelin Popov had to struggle with debilitating disease and has very good suggestions (be happy to lend it to you) I think she lives in Canada, maybe BC. She is lovely to the core and so very very intelligent.
8. I used to have migraines all the time- have to watch weird lights in your room, flickering light, some foods, some colors but it does get better...really

9. Feel better- go check out the book, she has a very good ideas


CrowNology said...

Thank you Mrs Little Jeans,
A lot to consider. I will look up that book. I felt so deeply for those with with real health issues...I am amazed at the resilience and strength.
I began the vitamins again today. D, E, C, multi, O-3, calcium, B complex. Blegh, hate swallowing pills!

MrsLittleJeans said...

I am with you, people with chronic problems, what a challenge!

I hate vitamins too, have problems swallowing them. Now I take them with a spoonful of yogurt. I forgot to add another sure cure- drinking one of those yogurt drinks with active cultures, e.g. Dan Active or Yokult, is proven to help. If you don't have the right flora (tee hee) in your stomach you cannot absorb the good nutrients. Of course if you eat a lot of yogurt you will be fine.

Take good care..

: )

shellbell said...

aha. health. i feel like i'm in a similar place as you are with regards to that word, albeit in different manifestations.

health is such a fragile thing, and i do believe there is a very strong mental/physical health connection. but not in like a "the secret" kind of way.

i'm fumbling for the words to explain...

have you ever seen What The Bleep Do We Know? if not... i recommend it. it blew my mind, and judging by the sentiments expressed in your post, it might very well blow your mind as well.

but to sort of say what i think about the mind/body connection... if you treat your "spirit/soul/mind/whateveryouwanttocallit" well, and give it what it needs, your body will respond in kind.

that's what i think.

creativity = food for the soul, for some. for me... for you.

my soul has been anorexic for the last 10 years. i'm finally giving it what it needs... and i'm seeing a vivid improvement :)

Line said...

hope you feel better these shots are so beautiful, take care my friend!

nice to see you back again

MrsLittleJeans said...

I just saw your Einstein very observant, I am smiling although I probably should not be. I also second the other book recommended to you. It is a good one!

: )

Ange said...

Seems like you've already had the advice I would have given you! Hope you're feeling better... Remember to BREATHE and focus on your breathing when ever you can too