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Thank you Tena!

Thank you Tena for the beautiful card and bookmarks...
I am always looking for "something" to mark a page with.
These seem to be bath tub reading proof too!

Tena is a friend I met through her blog, Shrink to Fit. We have sent some pretty interesting emails back and forth in the last few months. She has a standing invitation to Newfoundland, and now, with the arrival of this card, has secured lodging too! ;)
XO to Tena


tena said...

I'm so glad you got it! I know how much you read, so I figured the bookmarks would be welcomed. Now I know how long it takes for mail to get to Newfoundland.

You're sweet to offer me lodging! It's looking better and better! I'm saving up my nickles and dimes ;)

Andy Tan said...

So sweet!

CrowNology said...

If the Canadian dollar stays below the American you'll be laughing Tena.

There is sweetness all around me lately, Andy! I feel lucky.