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happy weekend everyone
Hope you have fun!


tena said...

Hope you do, too.


shellbell said...

i love a good word verification! thanks, you're "perdy" too :)


they're a clothier based out of vancouver, which you might think is cool, but they're trying sooo hard to be urban outfitters. i'm not saying their clothes are ugly, because some of them are quite nice. its the way the brand is marketed.

the clothes are okay, but they're not spectacular. the only thing that sets them apart is that blasted logo. in toronto, on the subway, every female between the ages of 13 and 29 is wearing a coat and/or a bag with the tna logo emblazoned all over it. it reeks of unoriginality and generic-ness (not a word, obviously, but oh well) and it makes me want to snap in these girls faces and cry "be you, not some socio-culturally expected version of you as prescribed by an overrated clothing brand!"

it takes the whole idea of "indie" and makes it mainstream and easily accessible, digestible and consumable.

haha, that's MY rant for the day!

shellbell said...

ps - on the tna website there IS a cool photo gallery that people can contribute to. and some of them are great photos... and this makes me even more upset, because again - they are taking something that belongs to a group of people who really care about art and photography, and they're putting their stupid logo on it and churning it out for mass consumption. and you know what happens? next season, none of it matters anymore.

the coat they wore this winter goes to the back of the closet to make way for next winter's marginally different tna coat. hopefully it will get donated to a second hand store at some point, rather than thrown away.

but the art in their "submission series"? it gets gobbled up and spit out. it is part of the mass marketing machine, and these young people who are still figuring themselves out, they don't really have a choice. i mean, they do have a choice, but they don't know it. they haven't realized it yet. some of them will, in time.

is it wrong to be a brand junkie? well, no. it doesn't "hurt" anyone per se, but it does hinder creativity and self-exploration... but i guess those things aren't important to everyone either.

i'm right and they're all wrong, LOL. just kidding.

i've written an entire blog post in your comments. woops... sorry about that! feel free to not approve this :)

MrsLittleJeans said...

You too mademoiselle! What a lovely picture for our eyes!