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Single Beauty

Anyone who knows me knows that I prefer
cold, white, crisp winter
warm, green, hazy summer
right now
today and yesterday
I find myself looking towards spring
and the photos I will take
my trigger finger freezes much too fast
and gloves...
Here is a little treat of
spring colour
the single bloom
gifted from my re-potted cactus
letting me know that
while she may not be happy about
being moved into a roomier home,
she was quite snug in her old one
thank you very much,
she is not entirely
angry about it either...
she usually gives dozens of these beauties
but this time
Freely. Quietly. Perfectly.
And guess what?
I am happier than before.


Ieva said...

Beautiful pictures and words :)

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

The light on these is so pretty! You're not the only one thinking about spring... I have been feeling it this week and it seems every other blog friend is, too.

MrsLittleJeans said...

I would be thrilled to see a bloom that brilliant...and thanks for the reminder that my three little pots perhaps need to live in one big pot. : )

Line said...

gorgeous pictures the light is simply wonderful, I'm thinking about spring now!!

Tammy said...

Gorgeous!! I have been praying fervently for spring to hurry up and get here!!! :)

Andy said...

This is soo pretty! Nice capture my dear.


Andewyn Designs said...

A beautiful ONE. What a gorgeous, brilliant color~