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Clearing...No Rain Today.

In order to help get myself out of this dead mood I went for a walk. Sans Camera.
I picked the dust bunnies from the inside of my sneakers...It's been awhile!
Put on warm-ish walking gear and strode up the hill...To oxygenate myself!
I wished for my camera the whole time! But I would have nixed the heart benefit if I brought it along...

I saw...
"Enjoy the Ride" at the top of someones window.
Pretty dried leaves hanging on to the limbs reaching out from ancient, wrought iron fencing.
Birds hopping from branch to branch. Chirping madly.
Two withered old ladies, from the seniors home, out having a cigarette and laughing loudly.
Branches of a bush that I'm going to use in a self portrait. Something I've been brewing up for a while...
Two lovely dark skinned people who smiled and said "hello" back.
An architecturally interesting house.
An artistically interesting house.
Vertical cedar siding that I loved.
Huge roses in the sun room of a sweet little house with a turquoise door.
A house full of small holes filled with spray foam insulation. It looked like the house had really, really bad acne.
A beautiful, arched, stained glass window in the side of a ancient old house.
An amazing treehouse with a rope ladder in a backyard.
A enviable property that I never noticed before on a street I've been on hundreds of times.
The dilapidated state of many of these beautiful old houses.
Interesting coloured houses and trim. Purple with yellow trim anyone?
The look I'd like for my home exterior. Greys, greens, black, white. Wood. Shrubbery.
A roof top, of a factory, I'd like to get on to get some pictures.
Yummy looking pineapple cookies.
People chatting and drinking coffee.
My turquoise entrance to my back yard.
Sprouts from my chives poking through the old, withered pieces of last years bunch.

My cat waiting as I opened the door.
Renovations that are getting done...
A coffee in my hand.

I feel better. :)


Weighting Around said...

I vicariously enjoyed your walk. Thanks.

P.K said...

Sometimes it is better to leave the beloved camera at home, one can see with clarity.


I'm intrigued by roses in the sun room of a sweet little house with a turquoise door now...
By the way, turquoise was named color of the year 2010 by Pantone! Lovely Sunday~

MrsLittleJeans said...

I feel better your photographic memory! : )

Fringe said...

It makes me happy to know you went out for a walk, to escape the dark mood. There's no better remedy. Well done!

What an enchanting list of sights you saw...They are so interesting that I believe you could write a book based on those sights. Perhaps a chapter for each one...that would be so intriguing!


Don said...

Well, that was enjoyable. Thanks for the walk.

trinsch said...

sounds like a good walk. and i am happy to hear you're feeling better. air is always good. but still, you are always welcome to come and stay under my orange trees. sending some heat and sun your way...

Ravi said...
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Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Nice post. I'm glad things are looking up and drying up.

CrowNology said...

You People (I would normally say ladies but Don has joined us today!:)Yay!) always make me feel better too. Hope you all have a wonderful week!