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Five Senses Friday

Seeing: Pigeons on a roof top. Beaks together and nodding to the beat of the traffic below. Ah...But look over their heads! Blue. Blue. Blue skies over the city. Sunbeams strewn across sidewalks.
Hearing: The sound of silence. The moment between traffic bursts.
Tasting: Water. Pure. Cool. From the thin lip of a pretty glass.
Touching: Rubbing palms together. There is a chill in the air...I opened the windows this morning to let in some fresh air.
Smelling: Coffee brewing. Dark amber honey and avocado being prepped for the pumpernickel slices being toasted.

I had commented to ::mari:: a couple of weeks ago that I was considering throwing a "sixth" sense in here here it is...
Intuition: A discovery. Something that will bring clarity.



shellbell said...

i'm pretty sure that sixth sense is more important than we all know. i'm glad you're getting a buzz of sixth sense electricity!

Nancy*McKay said...

...i love this Andrea...i was going to continue with foto friday...but i think you've inspired me to switch it up...& include the senses...THANK YOU!

Don said...

Happy weekend to you too.