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Five Senses Friday

Seeing: Things to be done...Photos to upload, papers to file, dishes to put away...A "To Do" day.

Hearing: Just random noises...Squealing breaks, cat cries (treats are obviously needed...), a bird or two...

Tasting: Green Tea, eggs scrambled with avocado, smoked gouda and spinach, and toasted walnut bread.

Touching: After this keyboard...A fork.

Smelling: The above mentioned toast...Only strong smells today. I am congested.

6th Sense...
Intuition: Foreboding...Something feels off...Wrong.

What is happening in your sensory world today?


shellbell said...

ah that sixth sense. i know that feeling, it's the worst. i hope it reveals itself to you, or better, develops into something happy.

.kat. said...

I love this idea of taking
note of the simple things
that "tickle our senses."
Great list!

Good Girls Studio said...

Seeing...all the 1/2 finished pieces of jewelry I need to work on

Hearing... the clothes tumble around in the dryer (yeah I accomplished something this morning!)

Tasting...cold coffee (time to freshen it up)

Touching...the yummy vintage bits of jewelry as soon as I leave the computer!

Smelling...dogwood trees outside!

Intuition...restless, I feel like I am waiting for something to happen but I'm not sure what? Maybe I'm anxious about the upcoming fashion show?

Happy friday!

MrsLittleJeans said...

Seeing...lots of reading and doing...already done the dishes, put things away, even mopped the floor in the kitchen (i was up at 5)
Hearing... a lot of what I don't like (noises, neighbors, city, and a few little things I do, meowsers...birds..)
Tasting- coffee, toast, jelly....yumsers
Touching- keyboard
Intuition-not clear, trying to push away the clouds

Lovely to see you on my screen. (Home DSL is acting up and I am disconnected there too)

Have a great one! : )

MrsLittleJeans said...

PS- please check out my lovely friend's dad's new blog

They live in the Congo and run a French school>

Merci Mlle!

Torilpia said...

Had to try this one .. :o)

Seeing; my computer, your blog with lots of wonderful pictures and words to think about ..

Hearing; the sound of the movie Stuart Little 2 - wich my fouryearold is watching for the moment ..

Tasting; coffee with chocolate in it .. (I know .. but it's saturday isn't it .. :o))

Touching; Keyboard - then a pen to write this weekends shoppinglist ..

Smelling; Must be the coffee/chocolate .. :o)

Intuition; peace and silence!


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and shoots lots of great pictures .. :o)

All the best - lots of hugs!!