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Goodbye Karma Lou...

The weekend didn't go quite as planned.
I spent time rocking and comforting a sick Karma.
This morning she died.

I am thinking of my Mother, as Karma was one of her creatures. I am sorry for the hurt that comes with loving...and loss. I am sad about the short life span of our furry friends.

Karma was an odd cat from the first day...Mom saved her from a life of "stray-dom" about 8 years ago. She seemed a little unwell right from the start. Probably from her time as a wild one...We are unsure of her age. Before Mom got her spayed she would bray and bleat like a barnyard animal, it was so funny. She liked my boyfriends better than me. She shed her pure white fur at astounding rates. She loved to be up on the roof of Moms house, or in the most unusual spaces, as seen in my earlier post...She was a good cat with an even temper...She will be buried next to a hamster under a maple tree, I think she'd like it there.
Thanks for the purrs Karma Noodle.


MrsLittleJeans said...

I am too sorry for the hurt that comes with loving but Karma doesn't see it that way...she had a good life, a thankful life, and she would not have had it any other her remembrance, she will always remain your mom's lovely kitty...condolences to your mom


CrowNology said...

Thank you MLJ...xo

tena said...

How well I know the ache that comes with the loss of a beloved kitty. We have such a short time with these lovely creatures but the rewards stay with us for a lifetime. Much love to you and your Mom.


CrowNology said...

Thank you Tena...xo

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Sending you tons of hugs and space to grieve: what a hard thing it is to lose a beloved furry friend.

Tammy said...

oh good Lord what a sad post!!!! I always cry when I read someone's pet dies. My baby Scarlette needs to live forever...I really don't know what I'll do when that day comes. She is my heart. I'm sorry for you and your mom. :(

Anonymous said...

oh, so sorry to hear about Karma!

P.K said...

So sorry about the loss of Karma, our fur friends become so much part of our lives, that their absence
is painful. My condolences to you and your Mother.

Andewyn Designs said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your kitty Andrea... It sounds like she had a lovely life, a well-loved life~



shellbell said...

i am so so sorry about karma kitty. maybe it's just my mood of late, but i'm in tears for you and your mom.

the biggest hugs to you.

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

So sorry to hear this, Andrea.

What joy our furry friends give us just by being. We love them for them, not because of what they achieve or do, but because of how much they love us (or our boyfriends). And they love us for that same, singular reason. They really don't stay with us long enough, but they certainly are a testament to the truest sort of love.

CrowNology said...

Thank you everyone...So much.
I'll pass on the words to my Mom.

Nihal said...

Smiling Hello Andrea:)
Am a bit late to visit you, sorry. The loss story of your beloved left me as sad heart, wish there could be I do for taking off your hurt.. Life's still beauty+full, fulfill yourself w/++++ thoughts:)
On the other hand, I see you're into silversmithing, fantastic! Can't wait to browse your store how you express this art in your products.

anne h said...

Rough stuff, that -
Karma Noodle.
You have a great blog, by the way!
Thanks for all that you share.