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Five Senses Friday

the best way around is through...
Seeing: Oh so much to catch up on! Photos to edit. Photos to take. Interviews to set up. Posts to write. Papers to fill out. Letters to write. Not to mention the whole "business" thing! ;)

Hearing: Oddly. Nothing much...I feel like I'm in a bubble. It sounds great.

Tasting: Peach jam, sharp cheddar, whole wheat english muffin, coffee, strawberries. Yummy!

Touching: When I am anxious I coil my hair about my fingers...And that is what I'm touching. My hair.

Smelling: Fresh lavender. I put my lavender plant right next to the computer...

6th Sense...

A tight jaw is significant. What's up?

What is happening in your sensory world today?



MrsLittleJeans said...

Right this moment...
seeing- slanky kitty walked by
hearing- phone conversation, basketball, slanky kitty meowed hello
smelling- coffee
touching- keyboard, love keyboards, odd
tasting-coffee + cookies
intuition- is not working, exhausted, sleep deprived, dreaming of sleeping, have to get up sooo early !

Loved chatting with you!


Nancy*McKay said...'s thursday...must be the lavender.

Abigail Jasmine said...

I love your 'Five Senses'

Oh how I could go for some lavender!


Elisabelle said...

such a lovely photo/
and your breakfast... yum!!!

CrowNology said...

Heh...Nancy. It was Friday here just not light outside...The wee hours...This was before I went to bed!
XO To you all on this Friday Morning! :)

Good Girls Studio said...

Opened my eyed to the sun slicing through my 1960's sheer curtains, it looked like dream all filmy & distorted

I heard myself complaining to my mom & a close friend on the phone..not pretty!

I smelled my sweet boy as he walked past me fresh from a shower ;)

I banged out my frustration in an email feeling their keys slightly sticky as the boy must have had some candy to eat last night when he was on here!

Finally tasting my coffee...cutting it's bitterness with 1 spoonful of sugar too many!

My intuition tells me that I am upset at something much deeper than the issues at hand!

Time to relax & start my weekend! Hope yours is lovely :)


G.~ said...

Seeing this computer screen and the letters come out one by one.

Hearing the fans blowing furiously in the background because I refuse to turn the air on and the tapping of my keyboard which I love.

Touching the keys on the keyboard.

Smelling the warmth of the summer air that stirs the dirt and flowers.

Tasting my wonderful hot cup of coffee with plenty o' cream.

Sixth sense is surprisingly calm at the moment but on regular occasions I would have to agree with the clenched jaw and a tightened rib cage.

Relyn said...

I like these senses Friday. I love the way it makes you focus on all that is around you. Of course, blogging and photography are great for that anyway, aren't they?