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i ♥ ~ i DO NOT ♥

♥ Freckles
DO NOT ♥ that freckles come from sun damage

♥ Gardening Gloves
DO NOT ♥ that my hands smell musty and funky even after washing because of gardening gloves

♥ Thrift Stores
DO NOT ♥ that I buy things I do not need because it is a "now or never" type of situation

♥ Blogs
DO NOT ♥ that time slips by as I become more and more inspired and overwhelmed

♥ The Independence of Cats, my Drooke
DO NOT ♥ that not letting her out every hour or so (dogs) means having to change the stinkin' litter box

♥ Photography
DO NOT ♥ the expense of getting essential gear

♥ Bare feet
DO NOT ♥ splinters in my toes from the unfinished deck edge

♥ Being Alone
DO NOT ♥ being alone

And you?



*megula* said...

Ooh, this is a good one! I'll have to make my own list when I get home today :)

anne h said...

I ♥ blogging, too
And most everything on your list!
Except for being alone....
I'm fighting an urge to run away...
Not to run toward something,
But to run away from nothing.
Sounds like a backwards plan that's bound to fail!
...and that's why I ♥ blogging!

MrsLittleJeans said...

Oh how clever gorgeous! : )

L swimming outdoors...DNL the goggle mark and the sun damage!

L gardening but DNL seeing icky worms...yikes

L my cats but DNL worrying about them

L bare feet but DNL dirt sticking to me

L all flowers and tree but DNL allergies

DNL noise but DL soft musical sounds

I can go on for ever....

I too do love being in my solitude but not alone! I love you! xxx

Good Girls Studio said...

You are my bloggy soul mate dear!

I {heart} being my own boss
I do not {heart} not having anyone to delegate to!


Temps perdu said...

Oh I love the new look and love your blog!