This Blog is no longer active...


I was going to post my work from the Creativity Boot Camp for Day Two and Three today but something has come up so I'll be posting the whole week later...
See you soon!
Have a Great week!



tena said...

Sounds exciting and mysterious!


Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Ok ! I'll wait ;)

MrsLittleJeans said...

You are forgiven...this time : ) Look forward to seeing your creativity at work!


shellbell said...

i'm really excited to see the fruits of your labours! i never thought i could love a photo of a bar of soap so much :)

by the way, i'm in the process of getting a wordpress blog up and running (just trying it out, it has a way different interface from blogger). just wanted to let you know i'm adding my all time favourite blogs to my blogroll and you're one of them!

if you wanna have a looksee, it's over at, and it's going to have a different flavour from chapped lips. eh, i'll see how it goes :)