This Blog is no longer active...

and i'm feeling good

set in emerald...
the sunlight spilling into my bedroom gently pulled me out of bed
it's a beautiful morning
full of light
and love
and coffee

a party tonight ~out of town~
a chance to practice candids
i am hoping to stand out as much as i usually do
not at all
so the presence of the camera goes unnoticed
and the faces i capture are full
of life and joy

it's late
but my ranunculus
have decided to bless me with their presence
i hope they have enough time to bloom
i think my lovely old maple trees
are stealing the light
i hate to prune
with every snip
i am on my knees begging forgiveness
my religion

i've begun a love affair
old tea cup saucers
no cups
they are the perfect size
for seconds
if something is divinely moreish
perhaps a tea and macaroon party
when my flowers

have a beautiful weekend lovelies
you are welcome to join the party if you happen to be here...
much love



Line said...

So soft »I love it !

*megula* said...

You are so awesome... I'm smiling xoxo

Fringe said...

Darling girl, what beautiful, breathtaking words and thoughts and photos. I do so wish we were neighbors...we have so many common interests, loves and thoughts...

Have a beautiful weekend,

p.s. I'm so happy to know that you took the time to stop and smell the roses. I left you a note in reply to your comment on my blog...

Ida Nielsen said...

Beautiful! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Taddyporter said...

Good day to you lovely lovely-souled lady! I really like what you have to say.....

Ieva said...

Nice words, nice pictures, nice mood :) Glad you're feeling good! :)