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i ♥ ~ i DO NOT ♥

♥ coffee
DO NOT ♥ decidedly dingy teeth coming on

♥ waking up with my cats chin on my arm
DO NOT ♥ waking up with my cats bum in my face

♥ film cameras (today using a Rolleicord TLR and manual light meter for the first time!)
DO NOT ♥ developing cost is sick, especially the 120mm film that the above camera takes

♥ longish nails
DO NOT ♥ it seems every time i grab unto something i bend them back ~ouch

♥ midnight truffle blizzards
DO NOT ♥ more often than not it seems more "dusk" than "midnight"

♥ reading
DO NOT ♥ not being able to put a book down, thus staying up until light is streaming through the window again

♥ getting mail
DO NOT ♥ the only ones who send me mail are utility companies

♥ being me
DO NOT ♥ being me {sometimes...}

And you?



Line said...

that list is so much fun, I love the second line ha ha ha!!!

Nina of Temps Perdu said...

Lovely list.

*megula* said...

The first thing that popped in my mind (because I'm eating breakfast while reading this) is... I *love* a multigrain bagel and coffee from Dunkin Donuts / I *do not love* that it cost me over $5... that is highway robbery!

MrsLittleJeans said...

You have the funnest list...what popped into my to sleep but hate the headache that comes with too much sleep; love to go to work but hate all the things that don't work right now in my lab; love to travel but hate airports and and the entire security mess, love reading you and hate to sign off! xoxoxo

Pretty Things said...

Do not love the heat of this summer.

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

such a cute post. you know, I love when you find a book that is so good you cannot even put it down! Barbara Kingsolver is guilty of that for me.

Lizzy Derksen said...

I love writing
I do not love the eternal need to rewrite

Abigail Jasmine said...!
Great to finally catch up on your blog!
I am always amazed at your photographic/creativity/awesomeness!!

Keep snappin' what your snappin'!!

*~ Love, love, love to you!

soisses said...

what a lovely post. now i like your blog even more ;-)

Sophia said...

Did you take those photographs!??!? HOLY COW! If so, you have a superb eye. Goodness! I LOVE THEM! :)

Love you little list, too. Let's see....

LOVE to snuzzle under warm blankets
Do NOT love to snuzzle under warm blankets alone. :(

LOVE the winter season and the beautiful snow.
Do NOT love the cold that comes with it. LOL