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and today...

and today...
after a fumbled morning
a tumbled morning

the snow began to softly fall
I squint my eyes
look through snow covered lashes

the shabby scene shifts
and becomes chimerical
a dream scape amid a nightmare

ah lovely snowflakes
thank you for your kind magic
your kind of white magic

Snowing Softly upon the Streets...



Sunny Rising Leather said...

Sending you loving thoughts, my dear. This is beautiful.


MrsLittleJeans said...

I love the muted colors that surround you...I can see the softness of those snowflakes...xoxo

gallerydarrow said...

Two things I always like, a change of weather and seeing your world through your lens.

I tried emailing you but it failed could you please send me your email address through etsy convo's to gallerydarrow.

Enjoy, Rochelle

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Glad you are finally getting some of that white magic your way :)

Lynn said...

so lovely, you are quite the writer. and those photos are tranquil bliss. ♥