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Five Senses Friday

Seeing: The most interesting shadows as the sun comes up over the horizon of houses across the street...With the newest blanket of pure white the shadows bend and wink, the light scintillates.

Hearing: Only the gentle whir of the cooling fan on this laptop...It's very peaceful here this morning.

Tasting: Mint toothpaste. Anticipating a chai latte and breakfast sandwich...egg, oatmeal bread, peppery mustard and havarti.

Touching: Burt's Bees cuticle cream, cold glass of water, warm cat on my lap, keyboard, wet hair.

Smelling: Lemon of the cuticle cream, scent {stink} of spray gel {violet, ugh}{it is so hard to find unscented hair products that work on this curly fuzzy hair}

6th Sense...
Intuition: I need some help...

What is happening in your sensory world today?

Have a marvelous weekend ye lovely birds
I shall be seeing you on Monday...


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Kathleen said...

crackling fire
vanilla lotion
the soft fur of my cat
bananna nut muffin
fresh paint on canvas
listening to my heart knowing what the day will bring

Have a wonderful weekend andrea!

kathleen xx

P.K said...

A good weekend to you! I am enjoying the morning sunshine, working up the courage to go out into the cold.

Lizzy Derksen said...

seeing: cozily unmade bed, fat with heaving blankets

hearing: Tim coughing, keys clicking

feeling: sharp stomach pains, exhaustion, nauea

tasting: weak powered hot chocolate, the berry jam left on my tongue

smelling: the dusty furnace

intuiting: strain

MrsLittleJeans said...

Seeing- I did earlier enjoy the bright sun that poured into our room, cool but bright

Hearing-at this moment it is the humm of the ventilation---actually not bad

Tasting- Starbuck's coffee, my own toast + almond butter + grape jam...I love toast and coffee

Touching- only the keyboard, earlier the kitties, both good

smelling- I think some coffee and that is good seeing that I am right next to my lab

intuition- I had plans to play part of the day and my intuition told me that I better work and not fall behind- I am happy to go with the more unpleasant because I will be happier later...the only help I can give is to close your eyes and imagine the outcome of your options- do the one that has the better outcome!

I hope you have a lovely weekend...xoxoxo

Pretty Things said...

I'm no good at intuiting anything. Not until it's to late, and then it's called hindsight.