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Friday Night Entertainment

make gif
Urchin~esque Ice Globe
Extra Hot
Ice Lanterns
I went to the park behind my house for an evening Nordic walk and found "Fire and Ice" an installation by local artist Jesse Walker...
It was beautiful.

There was hot chocolate too. It ruined the calorie burn but was worth it. There are few things in my life that give me as much pleasure as being outdoors at night, fire light, winter and hot chocolate...All together...Perfect.

How is your weekend going?

ps. for those of you who don't like doing things alone, the dark is a good way to cover up the fact...I don't mind at all but I felt even more comfortable because of the darkness...

pps. for those who would like to know about making an animated gif like the one above here is the link I found at


Laurie said...

you were so fortunate to happen upon this ... so incredibly gorgeous!

those orbs -- my gosh!

sounds like you had a perfect little alone-time moment

thanks for sharing it!!!

giveto said...

oh it's really beautifull, i like it's thank for this discovery!!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Awesome!! I'm not into winter and ice at all but this looks fun!

I have to deal with some bookkeeping today, bleh! Hopefully my friend's mom will be able to help me sort things out quickly; she's coming over soon. Can't find the problem.

kerin rose said...

I just love these sort of 'happenings'!....( can you tell the name of the photo animation site?...I bookmarked it somewhere and lost this!)


ShannonAnn said...

Very cool! I was just thinking of a hillside of paperbag lanterns this morning.

Kathleen said...

What a wonderful thing to happen across!

Creative men are hot!....just saying=)

kathleen xx

Lizzy Derksen said...

It's good to be able to do things alone, yes?

There's a letter in the mail for you...

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

wow, this all looks like a night filled with such magic! can't believe this was going on so close to your home and all it took was an adventurous late night walk to get to it. the best!

and totally know what you mean about the darkness cloak, it's a good thing sometimes. thanks for the gif. linky, will check it out, yours is awesome! thanks so much for your comment, made me smile big time and you're so right. no ones ever too old for the pink look. xo ♥

blue hour designs said...

Night, fire light and hot chocolate are some of my favorite things as well! For me it can be any season for those three. Talk about total bliss :)