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Five Senses Friday


Hearing: Stevie Wonder's Greatest Hits...

Tasting: Black Tea and Grapefruit.

Touching: {Feeling} A tickle in my throat...Everyone around me is sick...

Smelling: Nothing. My nose isn't working...

6th Sense...
Intuition: I will not get sick...{perhaps I can convince my body...}

What is happening in your sensory world today?

What are your plans for the weekend?
I am booked for an entire day at a Spa on Sunday with my very best friend! My very first time at a spa and to get a (2hr with massage) pedicure! :) :( Sadly I also have to strut around in a bathing suit for the morning...Ah well. It's worth it. Breakfast and lunch are provided too...I am excited!

Have a great one my Friends.


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Anonymous said...

gargle salt water to ward off that sore throat.

Stephanie said...

Your blog is a wonderful gift.

MrsLittleJeans said...

Good morning Andrea,

Watch out for the tickly throat...lots of vitamin C and D + the mental power should take care of it before it gets started.

Hearing- some people entering my lab, student tours
Seeing- the screen
touching- just this keyboard
smelling- just air
tasting-nothing, I am trying to fast ...I am already hungry

Weekend plans- oh, I suppose I should get our tax papers in order, yes, I must, and I may go to a harlem musical and I will be cleaning a lot

I love your plans-enjoy every moment of the spa experience


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

A spa day sounds lovely, and you have worked so hard on your home that you deserve a day off! Enjoy!

I'm afraid I'm spending the day taking photos of my home...we just put it on the market yesterday and I want to cry :(

Anonymous said...

an entire day of spa pampering? how nice!!! enjoy every moment :)