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Friday Evening Drive

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This may make me sound a BORE...But I love to spend my Friday nights next to the radio.
I like to listen to music alone...If people are around I want to talk, to connect.
Tuned to CBC Radio 2 if at home, or bouncing between channels if driving.
Friday night brings out the best musically in these stations...
Radio 2 Drive with Rich Terfry, Tonic with Tim Tamamshiro, and House of Blues with Elwood Blues {picked up by a local radio station}.
Driving last evening with the wonderful soundtrack, the beautiful skies and my camera {which I've taken a keen interest in again...} was perfection.
I think my magical mojo is slipping back into my soul...

How was your Friday night? Any regularly scheduled things you do?



Lizzy Derksen said...

This was so good to see.

Friday nights are apartment-cleaning nights for me. I try to get everything ready for a weekend of writing, lazing, and taking excursions. Sometimes I bake bread, or put a pot of soup on.

Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

Lizzy...Next time you are baking bread throw the switch on the radio...Seeing as you are Canadian. You get it too...Let me know if you younger lot enjoy it too! ;)

gallerydarrow said...

We hiked to the top of a hil,l had a picnic froze our buns off, took lot's of pictures of the beautiful clouds.

I like to listen to the radio alone on Sunday.

GORGEOUS ride!!!

xo Ro

Kathleen said...

the radio makes everything better.

Heather said...

Beautiful shots...I love a relaxing friday night!

mice_aliling said...

We just moved to another house so my entire weekend was spent cleaning and organizing...Kitchen and a bit of my room was done...I am now going to deal with shoes :)