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Five Senses Friday

Last Year's Love...

I See: Two days of doing just what I wish...No schedule! Sprouts and shifting earth...Comfy plaid shirt and boot cut jeans...Silver rings and sturdy boots. A cool vintage belt buckle...Going out for Fish and Chips!

I Hear:
A wee increase in traffic passing...It is Friday night downtown!

I Taste: Nothing...Saving my appetite for the fish, chips, tartar sauce and slaw...

I Touch: Keyboard and the softness of Ms. Drooke.

I Smell: "Fleur de Corail"~ a tiny mist in the air that I walk through is about all I can handle...Daily I wear a combination of lavender and peppermint essential oil because it is fairly safe, healthy, and okay for scent free areas...This stuff is heady and strong even worn as I do...I think it'll soon be cast to my Mom...

6th Sense...
My Intuition Tells Me This...
Be VERY careful. Welding isn't the only place to get burnt!
{Which I did. From my friends flying sparks...Funnily, I've called her sparky since long before welding class... :)}

What is happening in your sensory world today?


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Susan said...

I'm a wonderin' if this fish & chip meal might fall under the category of "date". Just wonderin' Happy Weekend & be careful of those darn sparks xo Susan

MrsLittleJeans said...

Haha...sparky! So appropriate!

Seeing- now you
Hearing- steps coming down the stairs, faded
feeling- keyboard and keyboard
tasting-nothing though your fish and chips sounds heavenly
smell- tylenol minty stuff on my hands
intuition-work hard, work hard, work hard, don't get pooped

wishing you a lovely weekend Andrea...xoxo

Gallery Juana said...

Ouch to the welding burns. Hope they aren't too bad.
I like both those eo scents.
Enjoy your fish and chips and the rest of your two days of "no schedule."
Happy FSF!