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Walking his Dog
what's done in the dark will be brought to the light ~ Johnny Cash
When an Artifact?
MY Life
is as random
non·sen·si·cal (n n-s n s -k l)
as this set of photos...

Hoping for some cohesion soon...

Be Happy and Be Well!
Much Love!



ShannonAnn said...

Very interesting though! Your hair is gorgeous, especially through that light...I noticed it is very healthy
Sending you good thoughts!

Shelley said...

I hope that all of these seemingly random pieces come together soon and that the big picture is revealed to you. You are working so hard! Don't forget to let yourself have an "easy" moment :)

(Also, I really love that first photo! I'd love to know how you achieved that effect... it's beautiful.)

The Noisy Plume: said...

I really like all three of these images.
A lot.

siga said...

Your life (like mine or just anybody's else) is like ART. All descriptions, definitions or discussions about it (art and meaning of life) doesn't show the truth, because the answer always depends on political, historical, cultural, etc., situation we live in. The answer is, if it moves you (or some random reader like me :)) everything is fine, while for someone else is just a meaningless silly thing. And opposite?..
Random photos are beautiful :) Life too!

kathleen said...

as long as you are happy in the moment that is what matters.

Great shots!

Line said...

well.... write or send a wish ( a message in a bottle) and it will happen, beautiful pics Andrea!