This Blog is no longer active...

Blog Blegh

So many things to focus on and nothing is getting my clear {deserved} attention...

I love this place.
I especially love the few of you I've come to consider friends.

I think it may be time to finish this blog.

I am thinking of another space solely for photos {in the future}...

I need to prioritize.

~Health {physical and mental}
~Home {renovating and enjoying}
~Friends and Family {renovating and enjoying} heehee!
~Prep for School {$, medical, math}
~The Shop
~Cooking {Love to, yet cooking for one has left me uninspired...Want to change that.}
~Culture {So many galleries and places I keep meaning to get involved with...}

Sadly Blogging is very low on the list.
I find it has gotten away from me...

I'll let you know.

I will still be reading though...Whatever happens...



The Noisy Plume said...

Cooking for one IS the pits.
Shall miss you on the interwebulars, if you should go.

kerin rose said...

I think that you should not feel the up when the spirit moves you...or need to chat!...we love you and your photos! :) xo

siga said...

Well, I know people blogging once every year :) But if you will dissapear, I am trully going to miss it, but hope that you will let to steel a moment from your photos in the future, wherever they will be!

St. John's Mom said...

I will miss you! Hope it is a short hiatus ;-)

MrsLittleJeans said...

I feel the same as you did I get so busy? xx

Kathleen said...

come and go as you please. there is no pressure!

hope you get some things crossed off your list!

Nancy*McKay said...

You've been reading MY mind!
i'll leave the porch light on for ya!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

It's strange; I've found lately that many of the blogs I read have updated much less frequently, like there's some kind of general low blog energy..! Do you think that's possible?